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Pricing Al La Carte

Prices Effective August 2018 & Once Purchased




Consultation Meet with owner/managers to review and discuss financial status and goals  $100.00
Data Management Manage Accounts Receivables (Customers), Accounts Payable (Vendors), Does not include job costing $150/week +
Education To Educate/Train QuickBooks Desktop or Online Use $250-1/2 day; $500-Full Day Or 85/hr.
Reconcile  To Reconcile One Statement Each Month (Up to 100 transactions) $50.00
Research To Research Any Requests Made $35.00/hour
Supervise To Oversee Other's Data Input for Accuracy $100.00 Each Occurrence
Email or Phone Support Simple questions for troubleshooting and knowledge/Education (Billed in 15-Min. Increments) $85.00/hour.
Travel Charge Up to 15 miles $20.00
Initial Set Up Create Company Books (Set Up Chart of Accounts, Bank Feeds, Vendor & Customer Accounts, Assets, Liabilities, & Equity. Does Not Include Subscription Fee.) $500+
Conversion To Convert Existing Books to New Versions & or Clean Chart of Accounts (Review Accuracy of Converted Books, Research, Analyze, & Insure All Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Customer, Vendor, & Owner Equity Accounts Were Converted Correctly) $2,000.00
Catch Up Bring Accounting Books to Current (Includes Reconciliations Up to 100 Transactions. Does Not Include Set up, Conversions, or Customized Chart of Accounts) $500 Premium & $50/Statement